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Ceramics by Vito Angelo Silecchia

Vito Angelo Silecchia


"Cultures, legacies, heirlooms and traditions permeate my mind and reasons for making art. Clay presents the perfect medium for my intentions and gives me breath to add my voice to the symphony of history."

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Sculpture by Sierra Fuentes

Sierra Fuentes


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Digital by Emily Harnett

Emily Harnett


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Painting by Eileen Zelaya

Eileen Zelaya


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About the Scholarship

James R. Hopes has established scholarships to encourage talented art students with financial need to further their art careers. Winners will reflect the benefactor's wish that students serious about a career in the arts, who exhibit financial need, will have the resources to reach their fullest potential as artists, human beings and contributors to the greater good.

Serving as the Senior Vice President of Marketing at AOL-Time Warner through the height of the Internet boom, Mr. Hopes has a deep commitment to, and understanding of, the importance of education, the arts and the community. The J.R. Hopes scholarship website will serve as a valuable resource, inspiration and legacy for selected students. Award winners will provide an artist's statement and grant permission to post their submission on the scholarship website.