J.R. Hopes Art Scholarship

Eye for Broadway Art Competition
Winners, 2014-15

Robert Nicholson

Beauty and the Beast

BEST OF SHOW Artwork by Robert Nicholson

Briana Pfeifer

Anything Goes

Artwork by Briana Pfeifer

Sheng Yi Liu

I Love Lucy

Artwork by Sheng Yi Liu

Robert Nicholson


Artwork by Robert Nicholson

Francheska Aristy


Artwork by Francheska Aristy

Hebah Abdelqader


Artwork by Hebah Abdelqader Artwork by Hebah Abdelqader

Cristina Glynn

Book of Mormon

Artwork by Cristina Glynn Artwork by Cristina Glynn Artwork by Cristina Glynn

Joy Garcia

Phantom of the Opera

Artwork by Joy Garcia
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